Week 23

It seems this week has been an amplifying of clumsiness. This week mistakes have been have shown me more about my nature but also the aesthetic value of mistakes, trying to quickly get an idea translates or expressed, mixed with naivety that produces what I feel is lovely qualities.

Even though these are all pieces that normally one would throw away into the scrap bins in uni, there is something in them I feel needs celebrating.

The qualities in these pieces have the sense of unsystematic process that produces a pieces that retains these marks, each unique to that piece. Maybe it is the perfection of imperfection that makes these pieces so appealing to me but these qualities are something that can be seen everywhere with man hole covers other manmade elements that are all mass produced but each have retained different marks whether from wear or in setting in place originally.

A sort of reflection on daily life, all that happens, the bumps along the way.

Therefore I have shamefully created these into their intended jewellery pieces, wearing my mistakes and not hiding them away, allowing people to see the starting point that I also hope one can see its journey.

This is my first experiment with the inclusion of glass tubing, a response to the drawings i have been created with clear negative space, (shown at the bottom)

I have included this photo as a look at how the glass can manipulate the wire structure. The tubing can hardly be seen as a tube, only incorporation with the wire.

Close up of texture or composition in pieces.

I have also been looking at how intentionally sloppy a person can be with the production of work, therefore here are 2 examples of nets that I made that were simple in construction but well finished that I have then taken a hammer too, maybe some kind of aggression exercise. These have come out more interesting than they originally were.

These two are a example of the difference that colour creates in the negative space, the right is in my sense more successful in composition and the light of colour that is highlight with the black.

Primary Photos

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