Week 22

This last week, I have been developing an understanding of what I aim to do. I have been advised to gain a new influx of primary sources. Therefore I spend a couple of days just walking around taking pictures of everything.

Here are a few of the examples:

On reflection I was taking pictures of elements in composition, all the manmade features that then looked at as a whole and in relations to others produces something that is un-intentionally in its composition. Produces captivating contrasts.

Most of the photographs have been of paths and drain covers. Different grid-like patterns.

These grid-like patterns are often either ornamentally or simple mesh structures. These repeated patterns are interesting, in there uniformity but it is the texture appeals to me more.  How a simple form repeated can create such an intriguing texture, completely man made that has allowed the environment to change it and age it.

I have been continuing to work of the nets and boxes, some of the latest designs have been a failure in composition, nothing that is as engrossing as previous.

Also experiments into including the texture of the woven mesh into the metal boxes, these are better in idea that in reality, maybe the composition is wrong but completely loses an essence of not only the boxes but the mesh. I think the boxes need to be plain or simple in decoration on the outside at the moment.

Some examples.

I came some carpet underlay, but positioned inside the boxes look really fascinating whether it is the color of simple repetition of this, I am yet to find out.

This carpet underlay which can be seen in one of my pieces is a perishable material, even as I start to use it begins to break down. This is an uncontrollable factor of a product that is systematic and man-made. The fact that the incorporation of this material in my work means that I do not know at this point what it will look like in time. This is an exciting factor but what happens if the deterioration completely changes the aesthetic of the piece for the worst, will this work or not. As I really admire the nature of this material should I be looking to recreate the repetition in a material that is not so perishable?

This material and the reflection of primary source I have been taken has created a need for either repetition or texture in my work a controlled factor that is hidden in the same way as the chaos. Looking particularly at the inside of the boxes and again being hidden when worn a particular way. Almost like a padded room, that for child can be seen as a great play room and protection but there maybe some darker links to psychology, and a darker sense of control.

Here are some of my latest drawings.

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