Week 24

This week I have been exploring what is contained in the box and how it affects the relationship of chaos and control

As Gilles Deleuze writes

‘art is not choas but a composition of choas that yields the vision or sensation, so that it constitues as Joyce says, a chasmos, a composed choas – neither foreseen nor preconcieved. Art transforms choatic variablitiy into chaoid variety…’




Exploration of Frames

How perfect is perfect and sloppy, sloppy enough.
For the frames I have been producing, there was a conscious decision to create them teetering on the unstable. This can be seen as not intentional enough (those strange words again). Therefore I created frames in every way I could think of, bordering on the perfect to a disaster, however there is still more to be filled in but here are the few so far.

These as a collection are remarkable pleasing, the mixture of straight to nearly straight with completely the opposite has produced lovely group. Each has a personality of their own, together giving an rich aesthetic appeal.

These has to be my favourite so far, I like the nearly perfect and the nearly unstable, the understanding that they could possible be that perfect or messy but there not, they are refrained, controlled enough or not enough.

‘…so as to let a  breath of fresh air from chaos that brings us the vision’ Deleuze

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