White Horse in Green Meadow

DSC_1553My latest work will be exhibiting this summer as part of ‘White Horse in a Green Meadow’ at Putti Gallery, Riga, Latvia.

 If you are in the neighborhood check it out, exhibiting amongst some other great artist.

Opens 22nd June.


Continuing on from work shown as part of the SENSEability exhibition which is exhibiting in Vienna this summer. This work explore the relationship of the soft elements or cushions that are used to protect, seeing how a piece works with these as my main focus in a composition.

Design Process on Addition Project


My work is usually designed by allowing a conversation between concept, material and abstract expression, which usually comes in the form of drawings. So whichever I start with, the creative process comes from going back and forth between them all.

To be given a piece from another jewellers through the Addition Project is an interesting way of starting. The pieces that are given are not in your style and ability, and can be at very different levels of finish, ranging from a complete test piece to a test sample. Each piece may use ideas and materials you have never thought of using in a way that seems almost alien. And now it is in your hands and you have a decision to make about the next step you’re going to take. Whether it is a mixing their and my style or continuing down their almost alien path and create something new, or to include both, making a hybrid creation.

With the piece of work in the first round I manipulated and incorporated some of my own stainless steel elements creating something quite different from the original. The second round took me away from my own style of work, and challenged me to look at how to manipulate it without incorporating my own work, it was a piece that seemed like it didn’t want to have any wire box frames added.

Photos of Round 2 will be coming soon…

Round 1



Having this test piece allowed for a great opportunity to be allowed to play around with the form, particularly in relation to the organic and fluid nature of it and towards my own style of work.DSCN1819-1024x768


The first step was deciding how much to add/detract/completely change the piece. This was like trying to step into a really cold swimming pool – hesitant at first but then I just needed to jump straight in.

In the end, I wanted to see how the piece from Jen would be like, if you took the repetitive curves seen in the 2D pendant and continue that into a more three dimensional form, weaving between a piece of my work.DSCN1803-1024x768


Allowing the curves of the piece to surround the rigidity of the square boxes.





Additions Project

I have just taken part in an exciting project called ‘Additions’ organised by the lovely Jenny Laidlow. I am in one of many groups, each group comprises of different Jewellers that send one piece, a test piece, to the next jeweller in their group. This piece is given to that jeweller so that they can add, deconstruct, and completely change it. They will add their style to the pieces as they go, while another jeweller does the same to theirs, and so on.

I am one in a group of three, so each piece will have two others alter it, who are not the original creator. Each jeweller has one month on the piece before it gets moved on to the next. This will happen till the original test piece you send comes back to you, in whatever format that may be. You can then choose to keep this piece as it is or change it again until it is to your liking.


The aim of this is to give new life and inspire ideas to a piece, which really ends up as a collaboration piece with other artists.


Being part of this is an exciting opportunity, to have others designer’s ideas input into a piece of my work will be a real insight. The piece I have sent is one of those pieces that has been made and remade and still doesn’t work. I have been staring at it in the studio and as soon as this project came up it was clear that it was the piece to send.


Test Piece in different composition before being sent



I am very happy to announce I will be exhibiting, alongside some other fantastic artist, in Munich, in March as part of SENSEability curated by Drew Markou and Rachel Darbourne, here is a sneak peek of some of the work, hopefully we will see you there.KirstyPearsonImage.5_72


To check out the full listing and any other information check out……



It will run from Thursday 12th March at 10am with a breakfast private view. Closing on Sunday 15th at 6pm, at Studio Gabi Green, Munich, as part of Schmuck 2015.