Week 29-31

To Fringe:

  • something regarded as peripheral, secondary or extreme in relation to something else
  • an outer edge; margin; periphery
  • a decorative border or thread

The possibilities of these with stained glass fragments!

There is something about the position of the material in the structure. A structure that should be protecting but it isn’t, whether the material it is hidden or in clear sight.

There is a predictability about the structure or fringes that hug the material closely, the question is whether these fringes were better without the material, only fighting with the surround space/negative space.

I have been exploring the issues of containment with these pieces, continuing on from the solid boxes I have produced.

Week 28

Easter in the School of Jewellery…quiet.

As undergrad and part time course have broken up for Easter, these last 2 weeks have been quite eerie but good in the school of jewellery. Though i have still ended up waiting to use the hearth. I always pick the best times.

Work has been slow…finally have been able to experiment with stained glass, though still issues to be sorted.

I thought i would start with some of my drawings as I haven’t shown any for a while… or at least it seems that!

I am in a world of yellow at the moment, and in the next drawings it has seen to overtaken completely than previously.


Stained glass experiments and my first necklace, with some Photoshop tweaks…

Having trouble with colour at the moment, I initially want it black, so therefore similar to binding wire frames but I have yet to find a suitable look. however have done some experience with enamel paint that are a bit rough around the edges but i quite like being able to use the yellow in contrast to the black (can be seen in later photographs of the exploding box).



Qualities in this are element I should explore if i could pin point what the elements are. it interesting how changing the background completely changes the feeling, something more raw and deconstructed about this.

Taking inspiration from some of the drawings shown above i included both the rope and thread which i think has a great effect on the overall piece. It is like it is growing out of it, an intruder, growing as part of the rope. Explore more!

The was exploring the idea of the box in contrast to the fractured glass, a stereotypical exploding box…but I love it, especially being able to see through the box so nothing is hidden.

Love it.

The next piece is not a success, there is something about the line being the solid black matt? its too much maybe, I don’t know if the silver actually looks better, (but its too shiny!)

Any opinions??


Compared to the later, in my opinion the composition of this is somewhat lost. I think it is due to the fact that it seems just stuck on but not at the same time. Doubting.

Week 25+26+27…

I apologise for the latest of this blog entry, all work has seemed to overtaken everything at the moment.

So, from the 15th to the 16th of March, I was in the lovely city of Munich. I went to see the Schmuck show and related exhibitions. If you have never been to Schmuck is part of a handwork/craft fair alongside which nearly every gallery or jewellery artist comes to Munich to exhibit work. This was an amazing experience and was made all the better by the gorgeous weather! Here are some of the ‘interesting’ photographs from Munich’s streets. I Loved the city! And had an amazing amazing time with my brilliant friends and of course the weather needs another mention

I love their manhole covers, especially the latter one…looks almost like a prison hidden underground.

This reminded me of the nature of fishing wire I used to use. This created an engrossing contrast between the grid concrete and the electric ‘bike lock’.


Development of the intentional nature of frames, whether to make sloppy perfect and everything in between – exploring the different ranges of frames I could create, and questioning how precious is perfect.

I am beginning to understand that perfect is an art that takes time, patience and one needs a eye for it. But also that sloppy is not any less special, it shows effort and a frank openness, laying itself on show for all that it is.

Here the next few photographs, I was playing around with the relationship between the frames and the boxes as well as the use of the padded inserts.  In the photographs however, the frames (that are three dimensional objects) actually look like they’re are drawn.

Maybe I should do a drawing study on these and see if a difference can be seen.


Some of the latest photos, some have already been catalogued but I felt like I needed to show them again.

This has to be one of my favourite pieces, however there is a higher chance that it could get lost, and seems to not make as much of an impact as some other pieces. Though the qualities in this is amazing as well as the way it hangs. Though I wonder if this is due to the fact that it is really a small piece and so can get lost really easily, a negative and a positive? Perhaps!

The first tube necklaces to be evenly dyed yellow! There is a love/hate relationship with this piece, almost like something is missing. I wonder how this would look on a larger scale!

Spray painted yellow boxes that are ready for the black thread – swapping the colours around.

Here is my broach back that I am really proud of! Which I must say has the right amount of wrongness to it!

THE RING, a favourite to wear in Munich, though I thought it was a bit on the large side.

The three boxes – all have the same net plan, though it is interesting to see how each have been made in slightly different ways.

The chaos within.

Week 24

This week I have been exploring what is contained in the box and how it affects the relationship of chaos and control

As Gilles Deleuze writes

‘art is not choas but a composition of choas that yields the vision or sensation, so that it constitues as Joyce says, a chasmos, a composed choas – neither foreseen nor preconcieved. Art transforms choatic variablitiy into chaoid variety…’




Exploration of Frames

How perfect is perfect and sloppy, sloppy enough.
For the frames I have been producing, there was a conscious decision to create them teetering on the unstable. This can be seen as not intentional enough (those strange words again). Therefore I created frames in every way I could think of, bordering on the perfect to a disaster, however there is still more to be filled in but here are the few so far.

These as a collection are remarkable pleasing, the mixture of straight to nearly straight with completely the opposite has produced lovely group. Each has a personality of their own, together giving an rich aesthetic appeal.

These has to be my favourite so far, I like the nearly perfect and the nearly unstable, the understanding that they could possible be that perfect or messy but there not, they are refrained, controlled enough or not enough.

‘…so as to let a  breath of fresh air from chaos that brings us the vision’ Deleuze

Week 23

It seems this week has been an amplifying of clumsiness. This week mistakes have been have shown me more about my nature but also the aesthetic value of mistakes, trying to quickly get an idea translates or expressed, mixed with naivety that produces what I feel is lovely qualities.

Even though these are all pieces that normally one would throw away into the scrap bins in uni, there is something in them I feel needs celebrating.

The qualities in these pieces have the sense of unsystematic process that produces a pieces that retains these marks, each unique to that piece. Maybe it is the perfection of imperfection that makes these pieces so appealing to me but these qualities are something that can be seen everywhere with man hole covers other manmade elements that are all mass produced but each have retained different marks whether from wear or in setting in place originally.

A sort of reflection on daily life, all that happens, the bumps along the way.

Therefore I have shamefully created these into their intended jewellery pieces, wearing my mistakes and not hiding them away, allowing people to see the starting point that I also hope one can see its journey.

This is my first experiment with the inclusion of glass tubing, a response to the drawings i have been created with clear negative space, (shown at the bottom)

I have included this photo as a look at how the glass can manipulate the wire structure. The tubing can hardly be seen as a tube, only incorporation with the wire.

Close up of texture or composition in pieces.

I have also been looking at how intentionally sloppy a person can be with the production of work, therefore here are 2 examples of nets that I made that were simple in construction but well finished that I have then taken a hammer too, maybe some kind of aggression exercise. These have come out more interesting than they originally were.

These two are a example of the difference that colour creates in the negative space, the right is in my sense more successful in composition and the light of colour that is highlight with the black.

Primary Photos

Week 22

This last week, I have been developing an understanding of what I aim to do. I have been advised to gain a new influx of primary sources. Therefore I spend a couple of days just walking around taking pictures of everything.

Here are a few of the examples:

On reflection I was taking pictures of elements in composition, all the manmade features that then looked at as a whole and in relations to others produces something that is un-intentionally in its composition. Produces captivating contrasts.

Most of the photographs have been of paths and drain covers. Different grid-like patterns.

These grid-like patterns are often either ornamentally or simple mesh structures. These repeated patterns are interesting, in there uniformity but it is the texture appeals to me more.  How a simple form repeated can create such an intriguing texture, completely man made that has allowed the environment to change it and age it.

I have been continuing to work of the nets and boxes, some of the latest designs have been a failure in composition, nothing that is as engrossing as previous.

Also experiments into including the texture of the woven mesh into the metal boxes, these are better in idea that in reality, maybe the composition is wrong but completely loses an essence of not only the boxes but the mesh. I think the boxes need to be plain or simple in decoration on the outside at the moment.

Some examples.

I came some carpet underlay, but positioned inside the boxes look really fascinating whether it is the color of simple repetition of this, I am yet to find out.

This carpet underlay which can be seen in one of my pieces is a perishable material, even as I start to use it begins to break down. This is an uncontrollable factor of a product that is systematic and man-made. The fact that the incorporation of this material in my work means that I do not know at this point what it will look like in time. This is an exciting factor but what happens if the deterioration completely changes the aesthetic of the piece for the worst, will this work or not. As I really admire the nature of this material should I be looking to recreate the repetition in a material that is not so perishable?

This material and the reflection of primary source I have been taken has created a need for either repetition or texture in my work a controlled factor that is hidden in the same way as the chaos. Looking particularly at the inside of the boxes and again being hidden when worn a particular way. Almost like a padded room, that for child can be seen as a great play room and protection but there maybe some darker links to psychology, and a darker sense of control.

Here are some of my latest drawings.

Week 20

I just loved when I saw this.

Not even on the road.

Some times you wondering if it was done on purpose.

And these i guess to be magpies! The remains of a battle. The prints of a few that on mass becomes looks so chaotic.

My first wax carved ring.

… and casted

I have been attempting to create stained glass jewellery, however having a number of problems with solder and soldering irons.

I have been using a soldering iron with lead free solder but am having problems with the corrosion of the tip. I am tinning and cleaning it but within two minutes of soldering it begins to corrode. I understand that I may need a lead-free soldering tip?

Or using silver solder with a torch is another option? Will have to test this out.

So as of yet nothing to show… or that is worth showing.

If any one has any advice on this process, I would appreciate any comments.

Week 18


This week has been a finalisation of Module 2. Having assessments on the previous Monday just gone.

The latest neck pieces were created as the continued development but also as separate series, from the previous control and chaos shown in post previously.


Shown below are the new developments.


However, there is a difference in the qualities of these pieces to the original ones. The one reason I can see is the rush to get all the ideas into object before assessment. I wanted to be able to start the next project having completed or at least tried all the ideas. Now i think there is need of time to consider what i have done and what has not been done.

Points to consider:

Use of net for the boxes (layouts and weaving)- surprising link to capturing with a fisherman’s nets, trying to keep something contained. – are there other types of nets I can produce – whether to build up a box or mesh.
Tubes – larger smaller? the way they are broken up or put together. glass is there a solid connection or the broken element to it.
Braiding – or the use of the new plastic thread or lining ( quite unsure what it is actually meant to be but it was a gorgeous yellow as you can see.) but this also creates the lovely curves that i was able to get in the fishing wire but it is more manageable. However this create a more man made and clean cut feeling to the the final pieces unlike the organic nature of the thread (even though it is plastic too).
Changing the black to silver and how that changes? do i then need a different colour as with the brass tubes the yellow suitable goes i think.

I have actually achieves the monkey’s fist. After much annoyances with it, I found that I definitely needed a thicker and a stronger weave and also as a cheat, having a form in the middle, for these I just used spare beads.

This photo show the progression of my work throughout module too. Each piece is take from one stage of the development to the next, as a collection they sit well together and tell the story quite well.

New Word:

Esoteric – basically meaning specialist area or audience etc.

Technical Issues

Due to some technical issues my website had been blocked and now all my posts have been lost, so I am afraid it is starting from the beginning again. Will have the next few post that have been managed to be saved so I will be trying to catch up over the next week.