A week of assessment

 Trying to clarify what my work is about, understanding how it fits together and what underpins it.

It is interesting because you start with a set of research and inspiration but then over the year the work progress so much that its almost like you leave that begin,  which is ok even though it was your starting point, but being able to tell someone new about you work is easier because you start from the beginning but someone who has been following your work throughout the year. That is something I find the hardness, no-one wants to hear the same starting point repeated 4-5 times but then how do you describe how it has progressed without starting at the  beginning, beginning are always so much more exciting to talk about, as opposed to how it is made and why etc, (I am sure there is something missing there aswell but I don’t really know what it is.), keeping simple but interesting.

I have to decide my display by Friday now  and then what I want to say about them, choosing pieces is always difficult and I always seem to split one way or another. It is always a learning curve but the choosing of my pieces for display is always a downfall for me, it’s like writing. I just seem to blurb on (much like now for instance). There is always a point when I cross over the line, but I never can see that line myself, having someone explain or point it out that to me is good, but I need to learn to do this for myself. This is why for the display of my final collection I will only use 3 necklace pieces and 7 brooches along with 1-2 drawings, these I have to choose from  20 plus necklaces and 15 brooches, some of course are a easy choice to put away but trying to clarify which are the best when each piece is so different its definitely not an easy task. To cope with this I will be looking at particular which three sit well together but each is still unquic and may have a slightly different branch of research, something more to talk about.


The neckpieces have been an exploration of the complexity of a composition, I wanted to take the form of my much loved brooches and see how that translates into a neckpiece, however what I didn’t want was a piece of work that was a direct translation of a brooch on a bit of string, therefore I explorated scale and shape but I found that it was most successful when explorating the complexity as previously stated. Issues of weight and scale along side materials and colour gave much more room from an exploration that moved away from the brooches, which to be honest, I could make a whole MA collection that was just brooches however I could see the need for more wearablilities in my work to show the extent of my practise.


So my amazing numbering of the weeks has finally gone to pieces. I will need to find a new title…

Heres some photos of the work coming together, and a few of what will be my MA final collection

The simplest things just seem to hit the nail on the head.

It’s at this stage that you shouldn’t keep everything in a box all packed away, you need to know what you have made and what needs to be made, having them all layed out is a lot easier to do this, something that I have had to learn, but a very important lesson. Luckily the rest of the school of jewellery courses are not starting till September so I had enough room to do this. It is very good practice for each collections to do, as well as spending essential time away from them so that you can come back with a fresh mind.

Week 42


its all about structure!

Some photo from Fountains Abbey, inspiration from my work.


There is something in the contrast between rock and metal, one chosen for its texture quality and visual appeal and all the connotation that are linked to that, castle/strength/protection and the other a man-made manipulation of a natural material in such a different way that speaks to me of character and a specific purpose, even though is seems somewhat randomly placed, however on a wider view it is in the exactly right place.

Work in progress shots, making use of empty undergrad studios.

Week 40


I do not have anything new to show this week, everything is in process stages at the moment. I am trying to work in batches that allows for my work to develop at a fast pace but allows time at each stage to reflect on what I am actually producing.

My work has been very focused on the manmade aspects of our world, and it have been suggest how changing from a urban environment to an rural will change that aspect of my work. It the influence of man made environment with the structure and material that interest me more than something that would be seen as natural. I think i want to celebrate something that has been there that has become like its own nature and it is so natural to us, it has change and develop/ degraded that its has taken its own characteristic. It is not living but it almost seems to be because of how it changes. Something as simple as my note book that start so fresh but now it scratched and full of lose paper, it is intriguing and Ii love to be able to look back over, even though most of it doesn’t seem to make sense anymore, it in with my thought it has gained its own character and aesthetic that in my eyes is so much more interesting that anything else. Its has not changed and grown because it needs to, even thought its has.

My link between the jewellery and drawings and why.

I wanted to share these with you.

The remains of a fellow student’s work that produces a lovely contrast between colours materials and marks.

Words that I have been researching in relationship to my work.


1. a surviving mark, sign, or evidence of the former existence, influence, or action of some agent or event; vestige: traces of an advanced civilization among the ruins.
2. a barely discernible indication or evidence of some quantity, quality, characteristic, expression, etc.: a trace of anger in his tone.
3. an extremely small amount of some chemical component: a trace of copper in its composition.
4. traces, the series of footprints left by an animal.
5. the track left by the passage of a person, animal, or object: the trace of her skates on the ice.

1. to perceive by the sight or some other sense or by the intellect; see, recognize, or apprehend: They discerned a sail on the horizon.
2. to distinguish mentally; recognize as distinct or different; discriminate: He is incapable of discerning right from wrong.

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Week 39

It has been an frustrating week, trying to refine just 3 pieces and only getting one done. However the refinement ended up in 6 new avenue to pursue. Below are the first 4 tests. After trying a larger and smaller size I have decide on the middle ground, they are small enough to be worn as a group and the proportions at that size for me that portrays the correct ideas of containment and Claustrophobia.

Playing around with size, shape, proportion of cut outs, Whether I cut each individually or link each shape and how it affects the structure of the piece as a whole.

From these I create two more brooches that are in my sense a refinement in object.

I want to continue with the idea of redundancy in my work, something that I touched upon in my research but as not yet explored. This ties into the notion of mistakes and celebrating them. A mistake is something that happens that leaves a unwanted mark or leaves a pieces redundant. I want to see how I can push this in my work whether it is the highlighting of mistakes or the adding of another element. Seeing how this affects the balance of a piece, particular with sheet brooches.


  • an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc.
  • a misunderstanding or misconception.


  • the state of being redundant.
  • superfluous repetition or overlapping, especially of words.
  • a redundant thing, part, or amount; superfluity.
  • the provision of additional or duplicate systems, equipment,etc., that function in case an operating part or system fails,as in a spacecraft

Yellow brooch that is final finished.

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Week 38

A person once asked me how do I know when a piece is finished, if there is no set design that I have in mind, if it is all designed through and with the material then… when is it finished. I answer this with a feeling, knowing that when doing too much to my work is often ruined. But in essence I couldn’t really answer this, it was not anything I have really thought about. I know that there is always something more I can do with a piece but so much more that it means that I simple make another piece, not refining that piece. The little voice at the back of my head that says I can do this and that and that and this some more.

I think it is key for me to control this voice, for example even from just this week were I was creating 5 brooches… now I have 10, all gaining new insight but still missing the essence of refinement (in a way that isn’t refined). With more that I still want to make, it is right to cut that off or not. For me as I have previously talked about there is a need to stop, to truly stop and take stock, asking the more mundane but just as important questions of ‘what am I doing?’ what does this achieve?’ and most importantly ‘do I like it and WHY?’ and ‘can I say it is finished?’ (whatever it is?!).

Maybe a fear of ruining it by doing to much is a key point to this work merely being seen as mock ups. Its the essence that I love about a mock-up, not quite finished or not quite there but how does one bring that into a refined piece of jewellery.

Here are some photos of the brooches I have created.

How many photos can you have of the same thing?! this only being afew of the ones I have.

Week 37

The art of refinement.


As always it is my weakness, I like to have a lot of possibilities to do. So never concentrating on one thing…is this good or bad?

I have decided to refine and basically cut down what to work on/concentrate, towards my final collection for the MA Show. I am taking the stance that if I don’t normally do it, it WILL be a challenge to do so.

Here are a few pieces I have been working on.

Brooch – the fixings still need a lot of work to make them between integral to the work.

A ring.

With this I wanted to test the durability of the material inside. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of it at the start but after 3 weeks of wearing it is still in good condition (even when worn to wash hands).

Allowing the darkened silver to gradually fade, showing marks made along its journey. the misshaped and marked ring really appeals to me aesthetically. It will never turn out the same way twice.

This particular compositions have given me an idea to create the contrast between the almost perfect and the almost not. The lines that are so different between the two but as also so fitting.

Its sits nestled in its box.

Its a box in a box.

Stainless steel frames, making the wire frame more in tune with the brooch fixing, after many test I have create a design that I feel allows for more inclusion between the two.

To give me something to aim for I have decided to take one of my drawings and make Five brooch from them, (the drawing is shown below). Allowing myself to not get carried away with something new.

Hopefully then leading on to create 3-5 necklaces.

So the plan for next week is to have 5 brooch finished (or nearly) to be able to show. I hope to improve my critical analysis through this process as well.

Here are a few photo from my trip aboard the canal boat Mr. Badger.

Week 36


The street where i live has become a children playground, all bright colours dotted about, a mess of random colours that to the right person is clear guidance/instructions

It is random to anyone outside of ‘the circle’.

Both side of the whole street is covered in these markings, playful and colourful, but not graffiti because it has a purpose…

The texture difference between the grass and the pavement evokes different feelings of the same colour.

[Composition that has order to it, but it only known to the knowing.]

One piece of work.

One of the little brooches I have been working on. This is originally in silver but after awhile the colour seemed to just fade unlike the black.

Unfortunately I havn’t any more to show you, after I had a mishap with my camera.

Hopefully I will have soon!

Week 32 Assessment

Layout for assesment.

Showing below is a closer look at the arrangement of the stained glass section on top of the table, including the final piece in the form of a necklace that encompasses all my thoughts and feeling and confusing towards the stained glass.

Comments to think about:

  • Need to be more focused on the range and what I can actually achieve. Does the stained glass achieve this focus.
  • Think about the focus on the gallery more in relation to the ranges.
  • Need to prepare to talk better, I ended up being more confusing that enlightening. Hence clarifying the presentation.
  • Brooch fixings – a lot of improvement needed.