After Additions

After Additions

These latest piece began as a next step from work exhibited at SENSEability, particularly looking at wearability.

All my jewellery can be worn but I wanted to look at the use of jewellery and how one piece can fit most outfits.

My own jewellery collection has a lot of different types of pieces but only a few that can be necessary worn with everything. I wanted to questioned why was that, what was it about it, was it because of it was quite plain, a typical jewellery piece, outside of fashion, or a classic, just some of these made me question my studio practise jewellery and if I could create a piece that was a fit for all.

Is it all a question of perspectives and individuals taste. This was the element that challenged me to start this work.

I wanted to continue to have a minimalistic edge to my jewellery, allowing them to speak for themselves with no fuss or complication.

This work was always going to sit apart from the SENSEability work. As I did not have glass facilities, or the space to use them, so if there was glass it was a smaller role once again.

But as I started this work, what I wasn’t planning on, came as inspiration from the additions project. Becoming a range that questioned the use of colour and how the use silk thread was representing that colour, creating furry aspects to the work.


Round 2


This round turned out to be more of a challenge that the first two. Having a piece that has had input from 2 different jewellers, made me feel nervous about adding to it. It was more of a challenge to break through it, to change it.


This piece, through the stages shown, was not smooth running; the piece was admittedly for me quite hard to work with. Maybe the single component attributed to this.

In my own conversations, I seemed to work with lots of different components in front of me, allowing me to search through them.


(but why? )
As I worked on this piece, the design ideas I had at the beginning went completely out the window and there was no the several components to work with.(and don’t get me wrong, as you work with any piece, the conversion does take over to produce something often different from your original intention. But what I find is that it is led by the trials of a particular design idea, I originally had in mine.)


This piece felt like it didn’t want to change, that nearly every avenue I tried turned out to be a dead end. Seemingly drying up my creativity, that seemed to be so abundant in the first round.


Having got to the end, I am pleased, I created a new version, and look forward to seeing what happens next.

The Final Version  DSCN1845-1024x598

White Horse in Green Meadow

DSC_1553My latest work will be exhibiting this summer as part of ‘White Horse in a Green Meadow’ at Putti Gallery, Riga, Latvia.

 If you are in the neighborhood check it out, exhibiting amongst some other great artist.

Opens 22nd June.


Continuing on from work shown as part of the SENSEability exhibition which is exhibiting in Vienna this summer. This work explore the relationship of the soft elements or cushions that are used to protect, seeing how a piece works with these as my main focus in a composition.