After Additions

After Additions

These latest piece began as a next step from work exhibited at SENSEability, particularly looking at wearability.

All my jewellery can be worn but I wanted to look at the use of jewellery and how one piece can fit most outfits.

My own jewellery collection has a lot of different types of pieces but only a few that can be necessary worn with everything. I wanted to questioned why was that, what was it about it, was it because of it was quite plain, a typical jewellery piece, outside of fashion, or a classic, just some of these made me question my studio practise jewellery and if I could create a piece that was a fit for all.

Is it all a question of perspectives and individuals taste. This was the element that challenged me to start this work.

I wanted to continue to have a minimalistic edge to my jewellery, allowing them to speak for themselves with no fuss or complication.

This work was always going to sit apart from the SENSEability work. As I did not have glass facilities, or the space to use them, so if there was glass it was a smaller role once again.

But as I started this work, what I wasn’t planning on, came as inspiration from the additions project. Becoming a range that questioned the use of colour and how the use silk thread was representing that colour, creating furry aspects to the work.