Raw Landscape

Having a lot of scrap pieces of metal left over from the course of last year, it seemed such a waste not to see what could be done with them. I started to think about the plain sheet metal I was using to make the box forms and began wondering how it would affect the overall compositions if I were to create a sheet from all the offcuts I had gathered. I wanted to see how this could build and give texture to my simple box form.

This started a body of exploration that saw the link between many of the materials I have been using and wanted to use.

From the experiments I have been doing, it is interesting to look back and see how much one is affected by the environment. This is one piece I am starting to play around with,

Then later I noticed the similarities with a particular vent that I have walked past everytime I went to the studio. It was only after I had made the piece did I see the influences of the vent. Now consciously noticing the vent.