Some thoughts


Having recently done a short 2 weeks project exploring pink, I found that it resulted in a similar outcome to the much loved yellow. The impact of the contrast between the pink and black reflected the same as that of the yellow but in a almost warmer sense.

Only allowing myself those 2 weeks challenged the long colour process that made up my MA collection, seeing how quickly this process could be executed… however to say that it was only meant to be a week how wrong i was in my estimate.

The resulting Pink collection shown below can shows the same dynamic impact as the yellow, bordering between finished piece and a maquette.

I especially love to contrast between the Pink with an assent of the yellow, they seems to compliment each other so well. This does however draw your attention to the yellow as opposed to the pink in the one particular piece.


Even though this is just 5 pieces (6 if you include the drawing) it is a collection that excited me and something to build on at some later point.

This leads me to wonder whether I need to have the impacting colour, therefore I have decided to explore the colour blue, because of the vast tones that can be produced from something quite subdue, compared to something as electrifying as the yellow. This I hope will further my understanding of my future use of colour.

The aim to have another small collection of 5 pieces in different blues and see how they relate to others in yellow and the pink.

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