GNCCF 2012

Some snap shots of the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, again situated in Spinningfields, Manchester. A great time that saw a good response to my MA work.

This response was something that honestly quite worried me before I went, being so immersed in the MA has taught me so much but many people who knew me before may not have expected the change or the development that happened becuase of it. However I can gladly report that while some people were quite put off by it, not understanding the forms and relationship of the work, other took great interest in it, seeing and understanding my thoughts and path in the work. Having played around with the display ideas beforehand I decided to create a more exhibition-type display that linked in to my MA show display. Using the idea of space and ‘less being more’ should allow people to be more able to focus on each piece they are seeing.

Setting up, like the silly person I am, I happened to scold my hands with boiling hot water, therefore having one bandaged hand, makes putting up a display rather difficult! BUT with some help! we managed it. Thank you!

Finally all set.

Situated next to the lovely work by Anne Laycock.


Great shadows but resulted in rather hot metal…..

All packed away and ready to go home.

GNCCF ended for another year.


Next step is to start getting a new studio together, so I can continue to crack on with work, having just used a spare room in my old flat, I definitely need a defining space I can call my own workshop.

Something that made my smile….

My new friend that I feel complimented my postcards beautifully.


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