Days of assessment…

A little sneak peek of starting to set up the show – working out the display and composition on the boards.


This week have been finalising pieces to put together for the collection for my final display, this has been quite hard as everything I have done is quite different and trying to select a limited number that are the strongest is quite difficult, maybe that is where I have slipped up and haven’t been as controlled as I thought I was.

The ability to defend your work as stated on the brief is a notion that is quite difficult, I think the answer to this is confidence, it is told that as long as you are confident about what you are presenting, and you don’t doubt the work then all you can do is shine, as with my shining however it is always better with preparation. This means a greater confidence in just a few pieces, which can also be alittle scarey.

The space is just as an important factor that must be represented in the work.


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