A week of assessment

 Trying to clarify what my work is about, understanding how it fits together and what underpins it.

It is interesting because you start with a set of research and inspiration but then over the year the work progress so much that its almost like you leave that begin,  which is ok even though it was your starting point, but being able to tell someone new about you work is easier because you start from the beginning but someone who has been following your work throughout the year. That is something I find the hardness, no-one wants to hear the same starting point repeated 4-5 times but then how do you describe how it has progressed without starting at the  beginning, beginning are always so much more exciting to talk about, as opposed to how it is made and why etc, (I am sure there is something missing there aswell but I don’t really know what it is.), keeping simple but interesting.

I have to decide my display by Friday now  and then what I want to say about them, choosing pieces is always difficult and I always seem to split one way or another. It is always a learning curve but the choosing of my pieces for display is always a downfall for me, it’s like writing. I just seem to blurb on (much like now for instance). There is always a point when I cross over the line, but I never can see that line myself, having someone explain or point it out that to me is good, but I need to learn to do this for myself. This is why for the display of my final collection I will only use 3 necklace pieces and 7 brooches along with 1-2 drawings, these I have to choose from  20 plus necklaces and 15 brooches, some of course are a easy choice to put away but trying to clarify which are the best when each piece is so different its definitely not an easy task. To cope with this I will be looking at particular which three sit well together but each is still unquic and may have a slightly different branch of research, something more to talk about.


The neckpieces have been an exploration of the complexity of a composition, I wanted to take the form of my much loved brooches and see how that translates into a neckpiece, however what I didn’t want was a piece of work that was a direct translation of a brooch on a bit of string, therefore I explorated scale and shape but I found that it was most successful when explorating the complexity as previously stated. Issues of weight and scale along side materials and colour gave much more room from an exploration that moved away from the brooches, which to be honest, I could make a whole MA collection that was just brooches however I could see the need for more wearablilities in my work to show the extent of my practise.

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