Week 38

A person once asked me how do I know when a piece is finished, if there is no set design that I have in mind, if it is all designed through and with the material then… when is it finished. I answer this with a feeling, knowing that when doing too much to my work is often ruined. But in essence I couldn’t really answer this, it was not anything I have really thought about. I know that there is always something more I can do with a piece but so much more that it means that I simple make another piece, not refining that piece. The little voice at the back of my head that says I can do this and that and that and this some more.

I think it is key for me to control this voice, for example even from just this week were I was creating 5 brooches… now I have 10, all gaining new insight but still missing the essence of refinement (in a way that isn’t refined). With more that I still want to make, it is right to cut that off or not. For me as I have previously talked about there is a need to stop, to truly stop and take stock, asking the more mundane but just as important questions of ‘what am I doing?’ what does this achieve?’ and most importantly ‘do I like it and WHY?’ and ‘can I say it is finished?’ (whatever it is?!).

Maybe a fear of ruining it by doing to much is a key point to this work merely being seen as mock ups. Its the essence that I love about a mock-up, not quite finished or not quite there but how does one bring that into a refined piece of jewellery.

Here are some photos of the brooches I have created.

How many photos can you have of the same thing?! this only being afew of the ones I have.

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