Week 37

The art of refinement.


As always it is my weakness, I like to have a lot of possibilities to do. So never concentrating on one thing…is this good or bad?

I have decided to refine and basically cut down what to work on/concentrate, towards my final collection for the MA Show. I am taking the stance that if I don’t normally do it, it WILL be a challenge to do so.

Here are a few pieces I have been working on.

Brooch – the fixings still need a lot of work to make them between integral to the work.

A ring.

With this I wanted to test the durability of the material inside. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of it at the start but after 3 weeks of wearing it is still in good condition (even when worn to wash hands).

Allowing the darkened silver to gradually fade, showing marks made along its journey. the misshaped and marked ring really appeals to me aesthetically. It will never turn out the same way twice.

This particular compositions have given me an idea to create the contrast between the almost perfect and the almost not. The lines that are so different between the two but as also so fitting.

Its sits nestled in its box.

Its a box in a box.

Stainless steel frames, making the wire frame more in tune with the brooch fixing, after many test I have create a design that I feel allows for more inclusion between the two.

To give me something to aim for I have decided to take one of my drawings and make Five brooch from them, (the drawing is shown below). Allowing myself to not get carried away with something new.

Hopefully then leading on to create 3-5 necklaces.

So the plan for next week is to have 5 brooch finished (or nearly) to be able to show. I hope to improve my critical analysis through this process as well.

Here are a few photo from my trip aboard the canal boat Mr. Badger.

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