Week 28

Easter in the School of Jewellery…quiet.

As undergrad and part time course have broken up for Easter, these last 2 weeks have been quite eerie but good in the school of jewellery. Though i have still ended up waiting to use the hearth. I always pick the best times.

Work has been slow…finally have been able to experiment with stained glass, though still issues to be sorted.

I thought i would start with some of my drawings as I haven’t shown any for a while… or at least it seems that!

I am in a world of yellow at the moment, and in the next drawings it has seen to overtaken completely than previously.


Stained glass experiments and my first necklace, with some Photoshop tweaks…

Having trouble with colour at the moment, I initially want it black, so therefore similar to binding wire frames but I have yet to find a suitable look. however have done some experience with enamel paint that are a bit rough around the edges but i quite like being able to use the yellow in contrast to the black (can be seen in later photographs of the exploding box).



Qualities in this are element I should explore if i could pin point what the elements are. it interesting how changing the background completely changes the feeling, something more raw and deconstructed about this.

Taking inspiration from some of the drawings shown above i included both the rope and thread which i think has a great effect on the overall piece. It is like it is growing out of it, an intruder, growing as part of the rope. Explore more!

The was exploring the idea of the box in contrast to the fractured glass, a stereotypical exploding box…but I love it, especially being able to see through the box so nothing is hidden.

Love it.

The next piece is not a success, there is something about the line being the solid black matt? its too much maybe, I don’t know if the silver actually looks better, (but its too shiny!)

Any opinions??


Compared to the later, in my opinion the composition of this is somewhat lost. I think it is due to the fact that it seems just stuck on but not at the same time. Doubting.

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