Week 25+26+27…

I apologise for the latest of this blog entry, all work has seemed to overtaken everything at the moment.

So, from the 15th to the 16th of March, I was in the lovely city of Munich. I went to see the Schmuck show and related exhibitions. If you have never been to Schmuck is part of a handwork/craft fair alongside which nearly every gallery or jewellery artist comes to Munich to exhibit work. This was an amazing experience and was made all the better by the gorgeous weather! Here are some of the ‘interesting’ photographs from Munich’s streets. I Loved the city! And had an amazing amazing time with my brilliant friends and of course the weather needs another mention

I love their manhole covers, especially the latter one…looks almost like a prison hidden underground.

This reminded me of the nature of fishing wire I used to use. This created an engrossing contrast between the grid concrete and the electric ‘bike lock’.


Development of the intentional nature of frames, whether to make sloppy perfect and everything in between – exploring the different ranges of frames I could create, and questioning how precious is perfect.

I am beginning to understand that perfect is an art that takes time, patience and one needs a eye for it. But also that sloppy is not any less special, it shows effort and a frank openness, laying itself on show for all that it is.

Here the next few photographs, I was playing around with the relationship between the frames and the boxes as well as the use of the padded inserts.  In the photographs however, the frames (that are three dimensional objects) actually look like they’re are drawn.

Maybe I should do a drawing study on these and see if a difference can be seen.


Some of the latest photos, some have already been catalogued but I felt like I needed to show them again.

This has to be one of my favourite pieces, however there is a higher chance that it could get lost, and seems to not make as much of an impact as some other pieces. Though the qualities in this is amazing as well as the way it hangs. Though I wonder if this is due to the fact that it is really a small piece and so can get lost really easily, a negative and a positive? Perhaps!

The first tube necklaces to be evenly dyed yellow! There is a love/hate relationship with this piece, almost like something is missing. I wonder how this would look on a larger scale!

Spray painted yellow boxes that are ready for the black thread – swapping the colours around.

Here is my broach back that I am really proud of! Which I must say has the right amount of wrongness to it!

THE RING, a favourite to wear in Munich, though I thought it was a bit on the large side.

The three boxes – all have the same net plan, though it is interesting to see how each have been made in slightly different ways.

The chaos within.

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