Week 20

I just loved when I saw this.

Not even on the road.

Some times you wondering if it was done on purpose.

And these i guess to be magpies! The remains of a battle. The prints of a few that on mass becomes looks so chaotic.

My first wax carved ring.

… and casted

I have been attempting to create stained glass jewellery, however having a number of problems with solder and soldering irons.

I have been using a soldering iron with lead free solder but am having problems with the corrosion of the tip. I am tinning and cleaning it but within two minutes of soldering it begins to corrode. I understand that I may need a lead-free soldering tip?

Or using silver solder with a torch is another option? Will have to test this out.

So as of yet nothing to show… or that is worth showing.

If any one has any advice on this process, I would appreciate any comments.

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