Week 18


This week has been a finalisation of Module 2. Having assessments on the previous Monday just gone.

The latest neck pieces were created as the continued development but also as separate series, from the previous control and chaos shown in post previously.


Shown below are the new developments.


However, there is a difference in the qualities of these pieces to the original ones. The one reason I can see is the rush to get all the ideas into object before assessment. I wanted to be able to start the next project having completed or at least tried all the ideas. Now i think there is need of time to consider what i have done and what has not been done.

Points to consider:

Use of net for the boxes (layouts and weaving)- surprising link to capturing with a fisherman’s nets, trying to keep something contained. – are there other types of nets I can produce – whether to build up a box or mesh.
Tubes – larger smaller? the way they are broken up or put together. glass is there a solid connection or the broken element to it.
Braiding – or the use of the new plastic thread or lining ( quite unsure what it is actually meant to be but it was a gorgeous yellow as you can see.) but this also creates the lovely curves that i was able to get in the fishing wire but it is more manageable. However this create a more man made and clean cut feeling to the the final pieces unlike the organic nature of the thread (even though it is plastic too).
Changing the black to silver and how that changes? do i then need a different colour as with the brass tubes the yellow suitable goes i think.

I have actually achieves the monkey’s fist. After much annoyances with it, I found that I definitely needed a thicker and a stronger weave and also as a cheat, having a form in the middle, for these I just used spare beads.

This photo show the progression of my work throughout module too. Each piece is take from one stage of the development to the next, as a collection they sit well together and tell the story quite well.

New Word:

Esoteric – basically meaning specialist area or audience etc.

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