Three Weeks in….

I am currently 3 weeks into my MA at Birmingham School of Jewellery.
This blog will be following my progress along this course.

A short recap of the first few weeks.

Week 1

We were given a week long induction project to get to know each others style and allowing us to get adjusted to the course. For this we had to choose any material, and produce 10 objects from it, it had to be a material that linked to us in some way.

I choose to use bubblewrap because when doing my previous work, I had to used it nearly every days. However other than getting carried away with popping the bubbles I disregarded it as just a means to an end. I hope to develop a better understand of how it works and why it hold such a fascination to pop.

Week 2

After presenting our objects, we were briefed on 1.1 project, this was a 2 week project. Choosing one object from the induction project we have to develop it in as many ways as possible in those weeks.

(You can just see the start of my 10 objects in the right hand corner.)

I found that most of the time I seemed to be just cutting out bubblewrap, leaving a trail of discarded plastic around me. I wanted to challenge the different aspects of the object, which were to name but a few, touch, look, shape, size, the line, the colour and so on.

Here are a few photographs of the 1.1 developments.

I began looking at the idea of containment and as I did not has a way to capture the air I looked at containing water. Creating bubbles in the liquid that are trapped.

I struggle to move on from using bubblewrap, I couldn’t decide between creating the touch and feel of the bubble which would mean trying to find a material that could create that feeling as the manufactured product or looking at the aesthetics of the bubble in more broader terms.

I found that working with bubblewrap was fun but mostly frustrating, though the results did outweigh this.

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